The new SS21 collection from Sif Jakobs is an absolute joy! It will have you desperate to book a glamorous night out, just to find a reason to wear it.

Designed in Copenhagen by Icelandic designer Sif Jakobs, the brand offers ‘affordable luxury’ with their high-quality jewellery. Inspired by both Italy, which she loves, and the natural lighting and dramatic landscapes of her native country, Iceland, Sif Jakobs is a world-renowned designer with a reputation for creating modern and sophisticated pieces.

sif jakobs SS21 collection

Her new collection continues this Italian inspiration, with the Ferrara and Rimini designs in particular. It harks back to pre-pandemic days, when we all had a few glamorous dates in our diary that we would get dressed up for. Now, we might have to try harder to find those special occasions when there is a real reason to dress up – but how joyful, when we do!


sif jakobs ferrara collection
An Italian city in North East Italy, situated close to the large River Po, Ferrara is on UNESCO's World Heritage list. For three centuries, the town was ruled by the Este family, whose Renaissance court was among the finest in Italy, so you will find many beautiful buildings here, and a network of medieval and Renaissance streets. The Po Delta makes this an important strategic site also.

sif jakobs ferrara collection

The beautiful new collection captures the movement of water, inspired by the Po, with the use of twists and flowing shapes. The Ferrara Necklace is a twisting loop shape, which has handset Cubic Zirconia stones set along one of the lines that flows around the pendant. Its easy glamour and elegance, combined with its free-flowing style, are sure to make it a modern-day classic.


sif jakobs rimini collection
Rimini is a coastal town, also in the North East of Italy, with an easy appeal to visitors with its vibrant beach life. Mix together Roman relics, hedonistic nightclubs and the memory of film director and native son Federico Fellini, and you can see why it is such a busy and popular resort. With over 15 kilometres of fine white sand, it is also easy to see why Rimini beach is famed across the world. Imagine relaxing with a cocktail, taking a dip in the sea, as you immerse yourself in this slice of genuine Italian life.

sif jakobs rimini collection

The Rimini Earring Collection, new for Summer 2021, is intended to transport you there. It features simple hoop styles with a variety of sparkling stone accents. Each French Hook-style earring is hand-set with sparkling Cubic Zirconia stones, with a single, larger stone at the base of the earring, adding an easy touch of glamour to your look.


sif jakobs ellera
A collection we have had for a little while, but now with new pieces added. The new Uno Medio Earrings are a beautiful addition. Each small hoop is hand-set with sparkling Cubic Zirconia stones. A larger centre stone is accented with smaller stones for a modern take on a classic style. Wear them alone or stack them alongside a stud earring, or large hoop, to create your own look.

sif jakobs ellera collection


Visit the new Sif Jakobs 2021 pieces here, or see the whole collection here.