Island Vibes

The summer collection by Alex and Ani is inspired by the natural magic of summertime. Featuring a vibrant colour palette, this collection channels beach bonfires, long days and warm summer nights.  The new symbol designs take a cue from nature, with tropical designs such as palm leaves and pineapples. Stack up on Island Vibes and get ready to soak up the summer sun.


Colour Infusion


The Color Infusion additions consist of nautical symbols embossed on bright enamel backgrounds with crystal embellishments, and are perfect for adding a splash of colour and texture to any stack. One of our favourite symbols is the anchor, which holds steady under any circumstances. A symbol of stability and security, the anchor keeps us grounded and ready to withstand whatever comes our way. The perfect totem for a summer of travelling and adventure.


Path of Symbols

The collection also features new Path of Symbols designs, with filigree charms in Alex and Ani’s classic Rafaelian finish. The palm tree symbolises victory and aspiration, as it begins in shade and rises up to seek the light. Be inspired by its lush green leaves, allow yourself to soak up the sun’s warmth, and flourish this summer. Channel vibrant rays and solar brightness with the rising sun charm; a celebration of the sun’s power to energize, heal and illuminate.


Words Are Powerful

Add meaning to your stack with new designs from Alex and Ani’s Words Are Powerful collection. The collection is inspired by the power of positive affirmations. Speak your wishes with clarity and determination, and influence your destiny with these beautiful colour infusion designs. New additions for this collection encourage you to seize the day, and make the most of the freedom and wanderlust that comes with summer. Perfect for adding festival chic to any look.