It’s been a trend for several years now, and long may it continue. We love Rose Gold so much, we’ve put together a fact file for all you Rose Gold fans out there! 


How It’s Made

It is a blend of copper, yellow gold and silver. The copper gives the red tones and the silver helps to tone down the redness, finishing with a pinkish gold.

History of Rose Gold

Rose Gold used to be known as Russian Gold back in the 19th century, and was very popular in Russia. Louis Cartier first created Rose Gold by mixing the different properties together. Rose Gold is associated with romance and also brings out the blush tones in the wearer’s skin, adding to it’s popularity.

Is it Real Gold?

Rose gold contains real gold, even it if isn't 100% Gold. As with any other Gold, the higher the karat amount in the piece of jewellery, the higher the purity of Gold in the piece.

Rose Gold Everywhere! 

It’s not just Rose Gold jewellery that’s popular. From cars, to clothes, to cutlery, Rose Gold can be seen all over the High Street and catwalks, throughout the world. It seems like this is a trend that’s not going anywhere for a good long while. 

Here are a few of our favourite Rose Gold pieces… 

Lilly and Rose Drop Earrings Daisy Dixon Laura Rose Gold Flower Watch Thomas Sabo Together Forever Heart Ring