All about Nomination

Designed by Paolo Gensini in the small town of Sesto Fiorentino, near Florence in Italy, Nomination bracelets are loved the world over - and they are certainly a favourite with fabulous customers and staff! 

Gensini devised the Nomination charm bracelet to be comprised of a series of Stainless Steel links that are connected by a spring-loaded mechanism, making it easy for links to be removed and replaced, giving you the chance to create a highly personal and completely unique piece of jewellery that tells your story. 

There is a Nomination charm for every occasion, life event and celebration! With collections including Birthstones and ZodiacsLove and RomanceFamily and Friends, there's something for everyone. The most recent collection, released just in time for Christmas centred around the important themes of 2020, family and connection.  

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How Nomination charm bracelets work

Nomination Composeable Charm Bracelets are composed of individual charms called links. This gives you great flexibility in creating your bracelet! This guide to how Nomination bracelets work will take you through the various options so that you can start creating your own unique bracelet today.

Getting Started

There are three ways to build your Nomination bracelet:

1. Choose two or three charms to get your bracelet started and fill in the rest with plain links that you can replace over time.

2. If you just can't wait, you can always create your bracelet all in one go! In that case, just make sure to choose at least 18 links for the average lady!

3. Choose a ready-to-wear bracelet that's already adorned with an array of charms.

More ways to wear Nomination

There is more to Nomination than just charms! You can choose from an array of beautiful jewellery, including Nomination watches, earrings and necklaces in dainty designs. The majority of this jewellery is made from Sterling Silver, and coated in Gold or Rose Gold.

So now you're ready to dive into the wonderful world of Nomination! Browse our full selection of Nomination charms, watches jewellery here