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Our in-house brand, Mantra, is going from strength to strength. If you haven’t yet had a look at our sister website,, then do pop over and have a look. You’ll find our full range of Mantra items, plus many different ways of na
Slow Rituals
One of the trends for Spring in homewares this year is 'slow rituals' - making time and space in your home for slow-cooked dinners, leisurely mealtimes, long baths, and home-based yoga or meditation practices. Read more...
Mantras for 2022
After a second year dramatically affected by Covid, 2021 was not the year we all hoped it would be! All the more reason to look forward to 2022.
Season of the Soul
I love these words by German philosopher, Neitzsche, about Autumn: ‘Autumn is more a season of the soul than of nature’. As well as a wonderful season of nature changing, I see it as a season of reflection. It's a great time to reflect on what has chan
New Mantra Summer 21 Collection
As the roadmap out of lockdown was announced, and the vaccination programme was getting rapidly underway, the team started to work on a new collection for our in-house brand, Mantra, to come out in early Summer...
Celebrating Strong Women
As an all-female team here at fabulous, we are committed to empowering and supporting women and girls to be strong, confident individuals, and we are keen supporters of International Women's Day.
Mantras for 2021
We're putting 2020 behind us with in house brand Mantra Jewellery. There are plenty of reasons to hope we can start moving back towards normality as this new year gets underway. Now is the time to look forwards at what a fantastic year we can create in 20
Gifts that give back - Charity Necklaces
The ‘Mantra Changes Lives’ initiative works with charities and not-for-profit organisations to create jewellery to raise funds, show support, and build awareness for important causes. Mantra donates 25% of the selling price of that necklace to the charity
Jewellery to get us through
Keeping calm and positive in these anxious times can be a challenge. so we have pulled together some of our favourite Mantra pieces to get you through the next few weeks. Read on...
Mantra Jewellery to Inspire You for 2019
One of our favourite brands, Mantra Jewellery is inspiring us for the new year. Here our favourite pieces to inspire and uplift in 2019!