Sun Catcher: A device for utilising or harnessing the light or energy of the sun

ChloBo Sunshine Blessings Bracelet

The ‘Sun Catcher’ collection is the newest offering from ChloBo, for Spring 2022. It is our first brand new ChloBo collection since late 2020, and we're so happy it is finally here.

Inspired by the positive energy of the sun, it represents our opportunity to see each sunrise as a new beginning and focus on filling the day with happiness and love.

ChloBo Glowing Beauty Small Hoops

Just as a sun catcher absorbs the rays of the sun, the wearer will too, bringing illumination and energy to feel their best and brightest.

ChloBo Sun Catcher Necklace

This collection is perfect for anyone who wants more positivity in their life.  With names like 'Sunshine Blessings' and 'Glowing Beauty', wear these gorgeous pieces to remind you of the sun’s power and to spread its joyful energy with others.


Charm Guide

With the arrival of a new collection, we're always excited to see which classic symbols have returned and combined with the newest additions.  Here are our favourites from 'Sun Catcher'...

ChloBo Heart Symbol

Heart: A representation of all the love we hold

ChloBo sun symbol

Sun: The symbol of growth and positivity

ChloBo Flower Symbol

Flower: A reminder to live life in full and bloom


The Collection

So without further ado - we’re delighted to be bringing these beautiful designs to our online store, in both Sterling Silver and 18ct Gold Vermeil…

ChloBo Glowing Beauty Bracelet
Glowing Beauty Bracelet, from £69

ChloBo Sunshine Blessings Bracelet
Sunshine Blessings Bracelet, from £69

ChloBo Ray of Love Bracelet
Ray of Love Bracelet, £84

ChloBo Sun Catcher Necklace
Sun Catcher Necklace, from £69

ChloBo Glowing Beauty Studs
Glowing Beauty Stud Earrings, from £39

ChloBo sunburst Earrings
Sunburst Stud Earrings, from £39

ChloBo Entwined Passion Hoops
Entwined Passion Hoops, £49

ChloBo Glowing Beauty Hoops
Glowing Beauty Small Hoops, £54


Love the new designs? You can shop the entire collection here!

ChloBo Sun catcher

As well as the newest collection, we've also brought back some of your absolute favourite ChloBo designs. You can find out more about ChloBo here.

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