We all want to give presents that really mean something to the recipient, especially when it comes to gifting jewellery. If you're searching for a beautiful birthday gift with a personal meaning, birthstones, initials and zodiacs are a fabulous choice. 

Giving a piece of jewellery that represents the wearers Star Sign, Birthstone or Initial is a wonderful way to add a personal touch, and make this a piece of jewellery that they’ll treasure for years to come.

Here are some ideas to get you started…


Nomination Charms

Nomination charms include Star Signs, Birthstones AND Initials, so you can tick all three boxes at once! We also have Nomination charms to celebrate special interests or life event, so you can gift a selection of charms to tell a story that is truly meaningful to the gift recipient.

nomination birthstone charms


Mantra Zodiacs and Initials

Inspirational jewellery brand, Mantra offers a beautiful range of Star Maps, in both a Silver and Gold Plated finish. Each piece is engraved with a personalised star map design, featuring Cubic Zirconia detail, and reflects the order of the stars on the wearer’s birth. Mantra have also designed a range of Initial disc necklaces, which we can also engrave on the reverse for you, with a name or date, to make this piece even more personal.

mantra jewellery


Thomas Sabo Charms

Thomas Sabo charms also make gorgeous gifts to celebrate individuality. Take your pick from our wide range of Thomas Zodiacs, Birthstones and Initial charms – perfect for adding to an existing charm bracelet.

thomas sabo zodiac charms

We have lots more jewellery gifts to celebrate individuality – dive in and enjoy!