Our new designs in our Mantra range have been specifically designed with the lessons of 2020 in mind, to help us all celebrate the most important things in life, and prioritise what is most helpful.

Love is at the heart of everything. It is love for our partner, our family and our friends that has kept many of us going in this most difficult of years. Whether it has been the joy of spending more time together in lockdown, or the pain of not seeing loved ones because of lockdown – love has been of utmost importance to us all this year.

Our new ‘Love’ disc celebrates this most of emotions, with the mantra, ‘Always in my heart’.

Love Disc Necklace - Mantra

Hope is also at the centre of everything this year. Hope that we will get through this; hope that the virus will go away; hope that life will eventually go back to normal. Life is easier to navigate and happier if we approach it with a positive, optimistic and hopeful attitude, looking out for the good things around us. Our new ‘Hope’ disc brings that feeling to life, with the mantra, ‘I hold onto hope, I trust in tomorrow’. Part of our charity collection, 25% of the sales go to NHS Charities Together. 

Hope Rainbow NHS Charities Together Necklace - Mantra

Another lesson this year has been all about balance in our lives. Ensuring we are spending time with the right people and on the right things. Working from home was a wake-up call for many, who realised how much they were missing by spending so much time travelling to their workplace and being in it. While it is hard to change this for many of us – it encouraged us to perhaps look at our lives differently, to see what could change. 

Our ‘Balance’ mantra reflects both the intention to change, and celebrates you may have already made: ‘I create balance in my life’. 

Balance Necklace - Mantra

I think the awfulness of the Coronavirus, and the many losses everyone has experienced or become very aware of, has also made us all more grateful for what we have in our lives. Compared with losing a loved one, or becoming ill oneself, many of the things we previously complained about seem insignificant and unimportant. An attitude of counting our blessings not our troubles has become the norm. 

With the mantra, ‘I am grateful for all that I have’, our new Gratitude disc celebrates this feeling. 

Gratitude Necklace - Mantra

We have also added to our Bracelet collection this year, as many of you have asked for more bracelets. 

Our new Charm design has proven very popular, and we have added even more symbols to it. The Anchor - ‘I feel calm, safe and grounded’ - and the Phoenix - ‘Always, I rise’ - have been the stand-out bestselling necklaces through lockdown and beyond – and both are now available as bracelets. 

Anchor Bracelet - Mantra  Phoenix Bracelet - mantra

And our Disc bracelet design, launched over a year ago, has also proven very popular – with ‘Take one day at a time’ recently added, which is a mantra many of you have embraced in this challenging year.  

One Day at a time Bracelet - Mantra

Mantra Jewellery remains, first and foremost, a positive collection designed to inspire and uplift you. As such, we think it makes the perfect gift for a loved one, as it is a purposeful and meaningful way of conveying a message, in a truly beautiful way. 

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