‘Artisan:noun - a worker in skilled trade, especially one that involves making things by hand.’

Meaning of Artisan

Launching in early July are these gorgeous pieces from Daisy London’s new Artisan collection; an eclectic mix of jewellery inspired by handmade crafts from across the world.  Taking inspiration from crafts such as macramé, weaving, printing and ceramics, these jewellery pieces are reminiscent of the woven baskets, tapestries and cobbled streets of your holiday travels.  Incredibly intricate with detailing and cut-out features, we love these unique pieces!

Daisy Artisan Inspiration

Perfect for Summer exploring, the Artisan collection looks stunning when stacked with other necklaces and rings to create a look which is unique to you.  Style with your favourite Summer tee to instantly add a bit of glamour to your look.

Wear your Artisan jewellery as a little reminder of all of your adventures: the past, the present, and those still yet to come.

About Daisy London

Daisy London is a much-loved British jewellery brand known for beautiful, everyday jewellery with meaning. At the heart of Daisy lies an adventure, a love for life, a need to explore. Acknowledging that we are all part of something much bigger and that together, we are everything.

Above all, Daisy is a brand for women by women. In just 10 years, Ruth Bewsey has gone from the first employee running every kind of errand imaginable to taking the helm as the creative director. Daisy is run by a team of brilliant women (and a few equally brilliant men), who pour their love into Daisy to make a brand that represents the best of all of us.

Daisy is the essence of the carefree London girl, wherever you are in the world. Essential yet special, laid-back but polished, timeless yet meaningful.