With end of year results looming, here are our ideas to offer encouragement and support to your children or friends who have been working hard during this year's pandemic.

A piece of inspirational jewellery could be just the thing to give their confidence a boost and remind them that you’re thinking of them during this difficult year.

Looking at or holding onto a special piece of jewellery can be a little reminder of your belief in them, whenever they’re feeling overwhelmed or daunted.

Not only can jewellery be a powerful talisman during the study and revision period, it can also boost confidence. Associating that piece of jewellery with positive feelings of love and encouragement can help put the wearer in the right frame of mind for life's challenges.

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Giving a piece of jewellery as a gift to show that you’re proud of their hard work, regardless of the result at the end, is also a lovely thing to do. Remind them that although it’s important to try their best, life will present many wonderful opportunities, whether they pass or not.

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