Catwalk IJL Trade Show 2018

In early September, we visited International Jewellery London, a trade fair for the jewellery industry. New brands are launched here, and established designers bring new collections.

The fabulous team was there to look out for anything new and exciting to add to the store and website, as well as catch up with our long-term partners.  


Jo Stroud with Dower & Hall

Old favourites – Dower and Hall

Jo and the team were delighted to catch up with Dan Dower and Diane Hall at the show, to take a look at their new collections.

Dower & Hall has been a favourite at Fabulous over the years, with their Cherish locket collection proving especially popular.

We are adding several new collections from Dower and Hall later in the Autumn, so this was a chance for the team to look at designs for 2019 also.


Jo Stroud with Sarah Miller watches

New watch collection - launching in November!

The team were also very excited to meet designer Sara Miller, and see her brand new watch collection.

We have ordered it for the store and the website, and it launches in early November. You’ll be able to see it first at our Christmas Launch event, on Thursday 8th November.

Sara is a talented designer, whose work is already available on stationery collections, crockery and home fragrance products – so watches is a whole new category for her. She has teamed up with leading watchmakers, Peers Hardy, to work with her on the new collection.

Featuring her signature birds and vivid, jewel-bright colours, we can’t wait for Sara Miller watches to arrive at Fabulous.  


Anna Burkett Sinade Davis Jo Stroud IJL 2018

Celebrating Women in the Jewellery Industry

While at IJL, the fabulous team also attended a talk hosted by Kathryn Bishop of the Women’s Jewellery Network, celebrating the increasing role of women in the industry. With contributions from accessories designer, Sally Lees, and established designer, Dinny Hall, it was fascinating to hear how the industry has changed over the years.

Dinny also talked about using a Muse to inspire your work: she was herself drawn to Josephine Baker, the jazz artist who was known for her confident, even outrageous, outfits.

There was a celebration of 100 years of women’s suffrage at the event, and several commemorative collections.  


Nikki Lissoni Amulet Collection Rose Gold Necklaces

New Trends

At IJL, the team also looked out for new trends, to see what designers are focused on for 2019.

Hoop earrings continue to be a real trend, through this Autumn and well into next year. Ania Haie has some lovely examples, with more coming next year too.

And cluster necklaces – where a number of charms or pendants hang together – is also a key trend into next year. The new Nikki Lissoni Amulet collection captures this perfectly.