The ​summer is drawing nearer to a close and it feels as though autumn is fast-approaching. For many of us, this spells the end to summer adventures: trips abroad, sports tournaments, weddings, parties and barbecues. It's back to school or work. For others, however, the beginning of the academic year promises travel: those among us who are taking gap years.

 ChloBo model looking at city and hand with bracelets writing wanderlust in a notebook

An increasing number of UK students are choosing to sate their wanderlust by spending their spare time abroad, working, volunteering or just soaking up other cultures and experiencing what the wide world has to offer. Research tells us that time abroad can help us develop in wonderful ways, with gap year students becoming more creative, outgoing and compassionate.

Taking the leap, however, can be a daunting experience. Finding your place in an unfamiliar country doesn’t come without at least a little bit of loneliness or nervousness at first. We’ve compiled a fabulous collection of gap year gifts to reassure and encourage those who are about to commence their own gap year adventures...


Alex and Ani elephant bangle and peacock gift set

The new Fall 18 collection by Alex and Ani is perfect for gap year gift inspiration. Inspired by India, the collection features a warm colour pallette, bold textile-inspired patterns and spirituality-infused symbols. We love the elephant, which symbolises strength and kindness, and the peacock set, which encourages confidence. 

Alex and Ani model wearing Chakra bangles

The US designer has also launched a collection of colourful Chakras. Hailing from Eastern yoga traditions, Chakras represent the different spiritual centres of the body. Each part has its own energy, which goes on to influence different kinds of behaviour. Well-balanced Chakras ensure a healthy and happy life. 


ChloBo Ariella model shot

Inspired by the joyous carnivals of Venice, the new Ariella collection by ChloBo is also perfect for ​Gap ​Year gifting. Ariella, meaning lion of God, represents the strong woman in all of us. The collection is designed to inspire the wearer to take control of their own happiness and create a life they love - the perfect gift for a loved one as they embark on the adventure of a lifetime!