Fabulous collections is an official retailer of Thomas Sabo jewellery. However,  there are other websites out there selling fake Thomas Sabo products.

Are you a Thomas Sabo fan? Then you want the real thing and not an imitation. With genuine Thomas Sabo you can be assured that you’re buying great quality jewellery made from Sterling Silver, along with great customer service. You can be sure to know that if your jewellery breaks or anything happens to it, it can be replaced. If you buy from a site that isn’t a genuine retailer it may not be made from Sterling Silver, wont be hallmarked and if the product breaks – it may not be will be replaced or refunded. Thomas Sabo also brings out seasonal collections, which will only be available from genuine retailers like fabulous.

Tips to ensure that your are buying a genuine Thomas Sabo

1. Beware of websites offering cheap prices

If it sounds too good to be true, it most certainly is! Official Thomas Sabo retailers tend to sell Thomas Sabo jewellery and charms at the recommended retail price, unless during a Sale period, or where something has been discontinued. New jewellery items will rarely be discounted. If you find a Thomas Sabo item for much less than other sites that are selling it, then it might be a fake.

2. Check the web address

This is the technical bit! All official Thomas Sabo retailers never use the phrase ‘Thomas Sabo’ in their web address. They won’t ever use the designer’s name between the ‘www’ and the ‘.com’ or ‘.co.uk’ part of their web address. The only valid exception to the rule is Thomas Sabo’s own, official website, easily recognisable as www.thomassabo.com. 

3. Lookout for disclaimers

Some of the websites selling lookalike Thomas Sabo products often have a sentence somewhere in their small print which states that their products are compatible with Sabo jewellery, but not actual Thomas Sabo. Look for links like ‘About Us’, ‘Terms and Conditions’, ‘Disclaimers’, ‘FAQs’ and look out for anything suspicious! 

4. If in doubt, see help!

If you’re not sure whether a website you’re looking at is fake or genuine Thomas Sabo Jewellery, the safest thing to do is ask Thomas Sabo themselves, using the contact pages on their official website or call us on 0845 450 9334. Always remember is that Thomas Sabo jewellery has a recommended retail price and all of it's genuine stockists like fabulous collections have to stick to it.

If you ever have any questions, give us a call on 0845 450 9334. We love Thomas Sabo and love talking about it! We hope this blog has been useful, and helps you shop online with confidence! And of course, you can always buy official Thomas Sabo charms and jewellery at Fabulous!