Keeping calm and positive in these anxious times can be a challenge, especially when many of us are glued to news feeds and social media updates, getting a steady drip-feed of bad news. 

If we can keep ourselves calm and positive, then we have a better chance of reassuring our children, our co-workers, our parents and our friends. There are practical things we can do - like following government and medical advice, and restricting all social contact – but it is mindset and mood that will have the biggest impact. 

We are in difficult, frightening and anxious times, but keeping ourselves calm is one of the best things we can do. Try to remain as positive as you can, so you can be a beacon of hope to others; and look for practical ways of helping people, so you feel better in yourself.   

As a brand, Mantra is committed to being positive and uplifting, so we have pulled together some of our favourite Mantra pieces to get you through the next few weeks.  

Here are some of our favourite mantras to keep calm in difficult situations: 

I feel calm, safe and grounded

I feel calm, safe and grounded

You’re strong. You’re capable. You got this!

You got this

Today, I will breathe deeper, exhale slower, find the stillness within me


Diamonds are made under pressure

Diamonds are made under pressure

What do I need right now, to flourish?

What do I need right now, to flourish

In my words, thoughts and actions, I choose kindness

Choose Kindness