Happy Birthday, June babies!

Those born in June are lucky enough to have one of the most iconic birthstones: Pearl.

Pearls are unique in the world of gemstones. They are the only birthstone formed organically by living sea creatures, and they require no faceting or polishing to reveal their iridescent natural beauty.

Pearls are timeless in their popularity: La Peregrina (The Wanderer) is regarded as the most beautiful Pearl in the world, and was passed from its discovery in the 1500s to European royalty, such as Mary I, to Napoleon and, more recently, as a Valentine's Day gift to Elizabeth Taylor (from her husband Richard Burton). Audrey Hepburn sealed their reputation as a contemporary style staple with her iconic pearl-collar-and-LBD ensemble in Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

Naturally formed for years by oysters, Pearls appropriately symbolise the wisdom that comes with age and experience. Traditionally, they are also associated with beauty, innocence and purity.

Pearls are now, more commonly, grown and farmed, these are called Freshwater Pearls, which is what the brands here at fabulous use.

To help you choose here are a few of our favourite Pearl pieces to gift this June...

Ania Haie Chunky Pearl Bracelet
1. Ania Haie - Pearl Chunky Bracelet, in Gold-plated Silver


Spinning Ring June Birthstone Ring
2. Spinning Jewellery - June Birthstone Ring, in Silver


Pearl Huggies
 3. Ania Haie - Pearls of Wisdom Huggies, in Silver


ChloBo Story of Love Bracelet
4. ChloBo - Story of Love Bracelet, in Silver


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