Life’s Journey was our first in-house collection at Fabulous, before we launched the award-winning Mantra Jewellery.

A gorgeous, tactile and sensuous collection of Sterling Silver pieces, the meaning behind Life’s Journey is intended to inspire, while the design makes it a modern classic.

Each story celebrates your individual journey through life, with all its twists and turns, detours and diversions, encounters and adventures:

Often, there is no path to follow, so you forge your own. There is a roadblock, so you head off the beaten track, and take a different route. You reach a river - there is no bridge, so you build one, plank by plank. The elliptical shape of the signature bangle and ring represents life’s twists and turns, while the finish to the silver represents the various terrains you have to cross and paths you follow in life.

As we say – when you are on your journey through life, embrace the detours. They make you who you are today.

Life's Journey Bangles

Choose one of the four journeys to represent your personal journey - go for the one that resonates most with you, in look or in meaning:

Light the Way Lifes Journey Jewellery

A smooth, highly polished, high shine finish to the Silver, this is a timeless and classic look.

Light the way earrings

You light up a shining path for others to follow. You show people the way ahead, and hold up a lantern in the dark places along the route, helping others on their way. Your courage, warmth and love give people hope and strength on their own journeys.

Light the way Jewellery Set

Off the beaten track Lifes Journey Jewellery

A hammered finish to the Silver, this is a more relaxed and hand-crafted look.

Off the beaten track ring

You head off the main road and take detours cross country, to see where they take you. You embrace the road less travelled, the path not taken; always following your heart, never following the crowd. Your journey shows curiosity, individuality and a free spirit.

Off the Beaten Track Jewellery

find a way Jewellery
A textured finish to the Silver, this is a more casual, one-off and individual look.

find a way earrings

On your journey, you’re the one people look to, to find a way through. If there’s a roadblock, you’ll find a way round; a wall, you’ll scale it; a river, you’ll build a bridge. Resourceful and unwavering, your strength and determination move mountains.

find a way jewellery set

Trailblazer lifes journey jewellery

A smooth, highly polished finish to the Silver, set with a river of Gold running through it, this is a more luxurious look.

Trailblazer Ring

You cut a blazing trail through life, excited about exploring new territories and breaking new ground. You are a pioneer with a bold spirit, inspiring others as you go. With no map to guide you, you carve your own path. Your journey embraces adventure, originality and fearlessness.

Trailblazer Jewellery set

Or choose a piece to accompany you on this journey called ‘life’ – Balance, Love, Positivity or Protection – brought to life by the meaning of the semi-precious stones set around the bangle.   

Look at our Life’s Journey collection here – and with new, lower prices on the whole collection now, as we are able to manufacture higher quantities - it really is a great time to buy!