We're putting 2020 behind us with our in house brand Mantra Jewellery. There are plenty of reasons to hope we can start moving back towards normality as this new year gets underway. Now is the time to look forwards at what a fantastic year we can create in 2021.

Here are the mantras Jo has chosen for 2021:

I stand with others to make a better world

mantra think equal necklace

Start the new year off with the enthusiasm to help change the world! Whether it’s doing more for the environment, taking an active role in our community or championing those who are marginalised in society.

I attract only good things

mantra lucky symbols necklace

Let’s also start the year with a positive mindset and an optimistic approach to encourage us to have happier and more positive experiences. Hold onto this spirit of optimism, as you create your own luck in life.

You inspire me

mantra inspire necklace

Who really inspires you? Let their actions spur you on so you can find your own inner fire.

I open my heart to new experiences, without expectation

mantra heart chakra necklace

As we enter the new year let’s all open our hearts and our minds to new and different things. Stay open minded, embrace the unknown, and enjoy the experience.

Give me the vision to see far ahead, the strength to keep going, and the courage to soar

mantra eagle necklace

This mantra is one we all need for 2021, a mantra of vision and ambition. None of us know what the future holds – 2020 taught us that –  set your sights on a brighter future.

Sail away from the harbour. Explore, dream, discover

mantra explore dream discover

There is a saying that ships aren’t designed to stay in the harbour – they are built to ride the waves and cross the ocean. So – summon your courage, life is to be lived and experienced, not hidden away from.

Let my imagination soar and my ideas flow

mantra pegasus necklace

A great call for inspiration when we need new ideas or solutions. In 2021 let’s dream up new possibilities; and let’s set our minds to making the world a better place for everyone.

I can, and I will

mantra mountain necklace

This is the mantra for a brand new design, created as a result of a new product competition. Say this to yourself at any point in 2021, when you feel your energy or enthusiasm starting to flag. Not only can you do this – but you will.

I am grateful for all that I have

mantra gratitude necklace

If 2020 taught us anything, it is that many of us have so much to be grateful for in our lives. Recognising this, and expressing our gratitude for what we have, helps us to focus on the positives in life and really notice and appreciate all the good things – diverting our time and attention away from the things we feel we lack. This is a great mantra to carry through 2021.

I am evolving and transforming

mantra womanhood necklace

Celebrate change within ourselves, not just out in the world. Look closely at yourself, what is it you most need to evolve? Perhaps a more positive outlook, a more active lifestyle, or a more open mind? Make 2021 the year of changing for the better.