As the roadmap out of lockdown was announced, and the vaccination programme was getting rapidly underway, the team started to work on a new collection for our in-house brand, Mantra, to come out in early Summer.

We wanted to capture what we felt was the new national mood: a sense of freedom and adventure, as we have all been cooped up for too long; a real desire to celebrate, as the vaccines roll out to saves lives and societies re-open; a renewed sense of connectedness to people, which we have all been longing for; and an embrace of change, as the old ways fall away after a period of disruption.

We wrote half a dozen mantras over a period of a couple of weeks, on the themes of freedom, connection, celebration, and embracing change; and then moved on to work on the designs which would bring them most powerfully to life.

Those of you that know our Mantra brand well, know that we are rigorous in our pursuit of marrying the right words, with the right design, with the right image on the necklace card, to really bring to life the mantra in the most powerful and effective way. Here are the new designs, which launch at the end of June:

Mantras of Celebration

mantra starburst necklace mantra lightning bolt necklace


Mantras of Change

mantra sailing boat necklace mantra wave necklace


Mantras of Connection

mantra sunflower necklace mantra ahimsa necklace


Mantras of Self-belief

mantra crescent moon necklace mantra samantha hearne necklace

Choose a Celebration mantra if you want to show your appreciation for how wonderful life is; or to pay tribute to a friend who lives life with energy, passion and enthusiasm; or if you want to remind yourself or a friend that the more you put into life, the more you get back.

Choose a Change mantra if you want to support and encourage a friend going through a challenging time; build your own self-belief in a brighter future; or to boost your energy, enthusiasm or activity levels, to seize the moment and create the life you want.

Choose a Connection mantra as a message of deep appreciation for someone who has been there for you, or for a loved one, through life’s challenges. It might be a family member or a loyal friend; or it could easily be a good Samaritan or professional carer, who has crossed your path in an important and meaningful way at a time of need.

Choose a Self-belief mantra as a comforting gift for a friend who is feeling low, sad or empty, or is recovering from loss; or choose one if you need a boost to your own self-confidence, as a reminder of your strengths and talents, and an encouragement to open your eyes to all the possibilities of life.