I love these words by German philosopher, Neitzsche, about Autumn: ‘Autumn is more a season of the soul than of nature’.

As well as a wonderful season of nature changing, I see it as a season of reflection. It's a great time to reflect on what has changed over the year; what you have achieved; what you'd still like to do before the year end. The changing leaves work perfectly as a metaphor for how life changes all the time. 

Here, I've chosen some of my favourite pieces from our in-house brand, Mantra, which I feel are perfect for Autumn. Each piece of Mantra Jewellery comes on a card, with the mantra written on it. As you wear your necklace, bring to mind the mantra, and have a more mindful Autumn...

 Be still, be present, be mindful

 Gold Mindful Necklace

An important mantra to bring to mind often. We need to create stillness and space in our lives, to truly notice what is going on around us, and to clear our heads so we can listen to our inner voice. This mantra encourages us to be still and calm in the present moment.


Go outside. Breathe. Let nature restore you.

Gold Breathe Necklace

A reminder to get outside at this wonderful time of year. Book a visit to an Arboretum, or go to your local park for a lunchtime walk.


Today, I will breathe deeper. Exhale slower. Find the stillness within me

Silver Breathe Bar Necklace

Another great mantra for an Autumnal walk. Get outside and see the changes happening around you. Pause, breathe more deeply, exhale more slowly. Take the time to have a moment to yourself.


I am evolving and transforming

Silver Journey of Womanhood Necklace

The perfect mantra for embracing change. Autumn is a season of transformation in nature. Can you use it as a metaphor for your own life, to see how you have evolved, and are still evolving? Use the mantra as a journal prompt to think about your life. 


What can you do this Autumn, to reflect on, and work towards, your own happiness?

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