Valentine's Day has got us all thinking about hearts, flowers and candle-lit dinners, but it's just as important to remember to love yourself at this time of year!

We're still in the depths of winter, waiting for spring sunshine, perhaps feeling tired and run down. This is the perfect time to think about your own wellbeing and practise a little bit of self-care.

Jewellery can be used as a reminder to take time for ourselves every day, to look after ourselves and to live more mindfully. 

Here are our favourite pieces of jewellery to promote wellbeing. Try wearing one to lift your spirits while we wait for Spring to arrive!


Moon Necklace from Mantra Jewellery

This gold plated sterling silver necklace by Mantra Jewellery shows the crescent moon surrounded by the sun, encircling a star. It represents the reassuring mantra, 'May I always find light in the darkness and sunshine in the shadows'. The necklace can also be engraved on the reverse with your own special message, mantra or symbol.

Mel Wells Goddess Necklace

Mel Wells is a bestselling author, TEDx speaker, and health and eating psychology coach. She helps women transform their relationship with food and themselves, to become the best version of themselves possible. The Mantra necklace Mel has created is the goddess symbol - a triple moon, shown waxing, full and waning - on a Sterling Silver disc, with the empowering mantra, 'You are a goddess. You are worthy of great love'. The necklace can also be engraved on the reverse with your own special message, mantra or symbol.

Gold Daisy London coin necklace

This yellow gold Daisy London coin necklace features a beautiful sunbeam engraving. Symbolising positivity, and reminding you that there are brighter times ahead. The beauty of this necklace is that it can be worn with anything from a plain white tee to your favourite dress, meaning you can carry it's positive message with you at all times. 

This lovely Daisy London Healing Stones bracelet features an Amazonite stone on 925 Sterling Silver chain. This stone promotes harmony, integrity and communication - perfect to help keep you in a positive frame of mind.