We visited ChloBo and met up with Chloe Moss, Founder of ChloBo Jewellery, to give us an overview of the ChloBo brand, and talk us through her story. Learn how to re-style bracelets with our ChloBo pieces, using new collection and mixing two-tone metals for an up-to-date look.  

Story behind ChloBo

Chloe visited the island of Bali where she was meant be staying for 10 days. She saw a lady making bracelets on the beach in Bali which inspired her to start her own jewellery collection! She ended up staying for two months at Bali.

Chloe sourced local silversmith in Bali to find the best materials. Travels have always inspired her and her inspiration at Bali resulted in Tree of Life, Evil Eye, Hamsa Hand and other beautiful charms.

Celebrities wearing ChloBo

Kelly Rowland, Ellie Goulding, Elle Macpherson, Cheryl Cole and more!

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