Born in the Netherlands to a Dutch mother and Spanish father, Nikki Lissoni grew up in a small, tight-knit family. On her eighteenth Birthday, Nikki’s grandmother presented her with a family heirloom, a necklace housing an unusual coin. 

Nikki loved the necklace but didn’t understand the inscription and asked her Grandmother what the coin meant and where it had come from. Her Grandmother told her that the coin’s meaning wasn’t important, but that the coin would grow to mean something significant to her. 

“As I am the one that gives you this coin and you are the one that receives my precious gift, the two of us will decide what the meaning of this coin will be. Please continue this age-old tradition, Nikki. A tradition of luck, love and wonderful memories. What’s inside counts. This is my wish for you.” 

Nikki cherishes the unusual necklace her Grandmother gave her which inspired her to create the Nikki Lissoni collection. A chain housing a circular pendant which carries a coin, coins which carry different meanings to each and every owner. Nikki's Grandmother’s wish for their age-old tradition to continue has been realised with the Nikki Lissoni collection, and is now being enjoyed around the world. 

Start your Nikki Lissoni collection and collect coins with special meanings, pass a coin on to your daughter or friend to transfer the positive meaning in the coin and to give them something to treasure close to their heart. 

‘What’s inside counts’

The Designer

katrien Coenders from Nikki LissoniBehind every beautiful jewellery is a remarkable designer. The head of the Design department at Nikki Lissoni is Katrien Coenders. She works closely with Thai master craftsmen and silversmiths to create exciting and exclusive jewellery for Nikki.


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