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The Autumn Jewellery Edit
It's Autumn, and that means new season jewellery! Discover our favourite new pieces in our Autumn Edit...
Wedding Season: New ChloBo “Confetti Falls” Collection
Wedding Season is officially here, and we have the perfect collection from brides, bridesmaids and flower girls. Presenting... The Confetti collection from ChloBo! Check it out...
July Birthstone Guide: Ruby
It’s July and that means a new birthstone to find out about! This month’s birthstone is beautiful red Ruby.
Ania Haie Twister Collection
We’re so excited the new Ania Haie Twister collection has arrived, just in time for summer!
Summer Jewellery Trends 2019
We’re loving all the Summer jewellery trends for 2019. Hoops, coins and anklets are our favourites…
Self-Love and Wellbeing Jewellery
Valentine's Day has got us all thinking about hearts, flowers and candle-lit dinners, but it's just as important to remember to love yourself at this time of year! Read more...
All About Rose Gold
It’s been a trend for several years now, and long may it continue. We love Rose Gold so much, we’ve put together a fact file for all you Rose Gold fans out there!
Gift Guide: July Ruby Birthstone Jewellery
The birthstone for July is the Ruby, which is known as “the king of gems” and is considered to embody the values of courage, devotion, romance, integrity and happiness. For the perfect birthday gift, take a look at our fabulous selection of birthstone jew
Gift Guide: June Birthstone Pearl
Read our fabulous June birthstone gift guide. Those born in June are lucky enough to have one of the most iconic birthstones: the pearl. Sometimes formed for years by oysters, pearls appropriately symbolise the wisdom that comes with age and experience.