We are delighted to have just selected this year’s winner of our ‘Fabulous Futures’ Award, at this year’s Birmingham School of Jewellery End-of-Year Show on Monday 17th June.

We work closely with final year students on the ‘Jewellery and Silversmithing - Design for Industry’ BA degree course, giving students a retail perspective, before they go on to become designers or pursue careers in the industry.

Jo Stroud and Annna with Megan Watkins - the winner of ‘Fabulous Futures’ Award

We created the ‘Fabulous Futures’ award several years ago, as a way of recognising home-grown talent and supporting the UK jewellery industry. Since launching in 2005, British designers have always been very important to us at Fabulous, helping make us the go-to place for must-have brands.

Myself and Anna, our Retail & Product Manager, formed part of the end-of-year judging panel. Out of the many graduates that presented, we chose Megan Watkins (@meganlouisejewellery) as the winner of our ‘Fabulous Futures’ Award.

We chose Megan for her truly beautiful floral designs in Sterling Silver and Enamel, inspired by the flowers, birds, insects and colours of the wild British countryside. A country girl at heart, Megan started off studying agriculture, before being drawn into nature-inspired jewellery design.

Birmingham School of Jewellery has an excellent reputation for producing highly employable graduates with the skills needed within the jewellery industry today. We love this particular BA (Hons) course, as it offers talented students a sound knowledge of the market, developing their technical skills within a commercial environment.

Megan’s work already has such a professional feel to it, and is really beautiful, and we think it will have a strong appeal to her target audience.

We will give Megan some mentoring sessions designed to help her consider her audience, her pricing, and how her designs are presented, as well as how she can showcase herself online. She will receive a week’s work experience at Fabulous, as well as having the chance to appear at our Garden Party. We also give her a £200 bursary to cover any expenses incurred during placements.

Megan Watkins Winning Design

British designers have always been very important to us at Fabulous, with collections over the years from Vivienne Westwood, Lulu Guinness, Chloe Moss and many more all helping make us the go-to place for must-have brands.

We love supporting young designers as they start out in their careers. Follow Megan here, and keep an eye on her for the future!

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