Wedding Season is officially here, and we have the perfect collection from brides, bridesmaids and flower girls…

Introducing Confetti Falls, the brand new ChloBo wedding collection. For the first time ever, the range is available in both adult and children's sizes. Every handcrafted ChloBo is made with love, care and sentiment. 

Your wedding is one of the most beautiful and memorable days in your life. These pieces are designed to wear on your special day, and to keep forever so that you will always have a part of that celebratory occasion to treasure and hold close.


The ChloBo Story

At 21 ChloBo founder, Chloe Moss packed her bags and embarked on a ten-month journey around the globe looking for creative inspiration and to discover her niche. After visiting many different countries, stumbling upon un-spoilt destinations, she eventually ended up on the beautiful island of Bali.

“I fell in love with the Indonesian island and the gorgeous people as soon as I arrived. Instead of staying for ten days I ended up staying for three months!”

Discovering the island’s beautiful soul, the stunning craftsmanship and the amazing silver, Chloe was utterly inspired. Upon returning to her home in the UK, Chloe transformed her spare bedroom into her studio and began making bracelets with the aim of reflecting and encompassing the heart and soul that she had experienced in Bali. To this day that same heart and soul is in the essence of ChloBo.

“The island’s culture, people, beauty and energy will always be an inspiration for ChloBo jewellery.”

Ten years later with plenty of passion and dedication, Chloe Moss has established ChloBo as a household name. Her unique creations have adorned the arms of some of Britain’s most stylish women and been splashed across the pages of the most popular magazines. ChloBo has leapt from the jewellery boutiques of Britain to the wardrobes of some of the UK’s most influential celebrities, from chart topping sensations to much loved actresses.