Necklace Lengths 

Necklaces come in a huge variety of lengths, styles and tones and, chosen correctly, can really pull an outfit together and elevate the stylishness of a look. 

With so many kinds to choose from, it can feel daunting trying to choose the correct necklace to perfectly complement your wardrobe or necklace. 

Here is where each necklace length sits on the body:

Necklace Length Style Chart


Necklace Styles

 Choker Necklaces

About this style

Chokers are 12-14 inches in length and are worn wrapped loosely around the neck.  They are designed to draw attention to the collarbones and elongate the neck.

How to wear

This style is elegant when worn alone, but can be layered with longer styles to striking effect. Avoid wearing chokers with collared or high necklines, as they look best when worn with: 

- V necks

- ​strapless tops and dresses

-​ bardot necklines


Princess Necklaces

About this style

This shorter style is very common, and sits just on the collarbone. This chain length draws the eye to the shoulders, and can soften the appearance of facial features. 

How to wear

This versatile length looks simple and sophisticated when worn alone, but is an ideal length for layering with longer necklaces or even chokers. It most suits the following necklines: 

- sweetheart

- ​square

- scoop

 Matinee Necklaces

About this style

The matinee necklace style describes three lengths: 20 inches, 22 inches and 24 inches. ​A 20 inch necklace will sit just below the collarbone, while a 22 inch necklace reaches the top of the bust and a 24 inch necklace​ sits on the bust. 

How to Wear

When worn with a large pendant, matinee length chains are perfect for making a statement. Daintier pieces can be layered, and look best worn with the following necklines: 

- crew necks

- V necks

- scoop necks


Opera Necklaces

About this style

The ​opera necklace style describes comes in varied lengths​ between 28 and 38 inches. ​This style hangs below the bust.

How to Wear

Opera necklaces are perfect for layering with shorter lengths of necklace, especially when paired with a statement pendant. They look best worn with high necklines.


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