Our in-house brand, Mantra, is going from strength to strength.

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One of the runaway success stories has been our myMantra range – a series of larger pendants (2.5cm in diameter) which you have personised with your own mantra or affirmation. Anna or Sinade are always ready with the engraving machine, to personalise your piece just for you.

myMantra Necklaces
Love Mandala myMantra Necklace


The All-seeing Eye

We have just launched a brand new personalisable ‘myMantra’ design – a beautiful disc pendant with a highly ornate Eye cast onto the front, with rays of light shining out above the eye, and a lotus mandala pattern below.

All Seeing Eye myMantra

It is called the All-seeing Eye, or Eye of Providence, representing clarity of vision, guidance and illumination. It is perfect for a mantra which helps you to clearly visualise your future, or to see a distinct way forward in your life.

We have designed it as an ornate eye with sun rays shining out above it, and a crescent moon at its centre. These two symbols of light – the sun and the moon – show that the eye can see clearly at all times, even in the dark of night, guiding you on a clear path to your future.

Light also represents spiritual illumination, as well as physical illumination, as you become more aware of the path you want to take going forwards.

jo and sinade designing

The All-seeing Eye has been a part of many religious and secular traditions over the centuries, from Egyptian mythology’s Eye of Horus; to our Christian God being all-seeing and all-powerful; to Hinduism’s Third Eye of Shiva; to the belief in the hand of Providence guiding us, whether we see that as fate, the universe, or a higher being.

myMantra All Seeing Eye

We have also incorporated a Lotus pattern beneath the eye, which represents the ability of the Lotus Flower to arise afresh through muddy waters each morning, appearing clean and pure despite the mud. This brings to mind fresh starts and new beginnings.


The reverse is left blank for your engraving...

 Choose a mantra or affirmation to engrave that is personal to you (up to 4 lines, or 48 characters).

We recommend that you choose a phrase that is powerful, personal and emotivewords of wisdom to bring to mind when you need them; or a celebration of your values.

All Seeing Eye myMantra

Use your inspiring phrase when you need a push of motivation, or a reminder of your vision for the next stage of your life.

What will you have engraved on your new All-seeing Eye?

All Seeing Eye myMantra
All-seeing Eye myMantra

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