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Customer Stories

Our favourite part of working in jewellery is hearing the fabulous reasons people buy gifts. There are so many reasons you treat your friends and family, from traditional occasions like Birthdays and Births, to random acts of kidness - perking up a friend going through a tough time, or adding something sentimental to their collection to remind them of someone special. Sometimes we're just saying thank you, but they're always sent with love, which means whenever they're wearing them they are reminded of the particular reason you were in their thoughts!

Here are some of our favourite stories from customers, friends and staff telling us the reasons they chose specific items for their loved ones...

"I just want to say what an amazing idea Giving Keys are. A good friend of mine has recently had a very challenging emigration to Oz and I wanted to send her something to let her know that I was thinking of her and give her positive vibes. I've been looking for a while and couldn't find anything that was quite right until I found the Giving Keys. After looking through all the different words they have on them I settled on 'strength' - which is exactly what she needs at the moment. I love the idea that once she no longer needs the key the idea is that she gives it away to someone else who needs it so the sentiment of the gift can be reused again and again. Perfect." Nicola

"I was very kindly invited on a day out to the Races by one of our professional partners, whom we work with closely. It was a really enjoyable day, with lots of eating and drinking, and some fun to be had betting on horses whose names appealed to us - with very few winnings, of course! I wanted to thank her the next day for her hospitality, and also, to remind her of the fun day that we had. I sent her a Mantra disc pendant in Rose Gold - a colour that really suits her - saying 'Laugh Often and Much' - which was the perfect reminder of a fun day out." Jo

"I was looking for a gift for a very special friend of mine who I have known for over 25 years and I am being a bridesmaid for. I wanted to find something classic that she could wear with anything that subtly celebrated and thanked her our friendship. With the help of one of your assistants I found the Tales from the Earth, Spirit of Friendship Bracelet - the wording on both the card and inside the bracelet, which otherwise is a thick classic silver bracelet, is spot on. I am thrilled - thank you." Nicola

"I'm a huge fan of Alex and Ani, they are my go to gift for all of my friends. I love the fact that you can choose a specific meaning personal to them. One of my friends is a real nature lover, the tree of life bangle just suited her perfectly, for Christmas I'll add a Rulers of the Woods bangle to complement it, she loves them and wears them every day!" Rhian