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Alex and Ani Bangle of the Month August

Alex and Ani Bangle of the month july competition
Each month, we will feature a different bangle with a different meaning, to inspire us all to examine different aspects of our lives – our health, our relationships, our finances, our state of mind, our environment – and see how we can change them for the better.

Tell us how you’re planning to change your life this year, and you could win a different bangle each month – and one lucky winner will win £150 at the end of the year to create their own stack of Alex and Ani bangles, bursting with positive energy!

August’s Bangle of the Month is the Path of Life representing strength, knowledge and motivation. With exam results coming out this month and big decisions on the horizon we spoke to members of the fabulous team about their education choices. Whether University was on the cards, how they chose or are choosing their subjects and what helped them to choose between University, college or a job.

Sian, Leamington Spa Team

I have just finished my A-levels in Maths, Chemistry and Economics, with the hope of going to university next year to do Chemistry. I’m choosing to do Chemistry as since studying it at A-level I can see how much it is needed in life, from accessing clean water to driving to work. Not only is Chemistry useful in everyday life, it also is the subject that develops new materials and technologies that will be used by doctors and engineers to help better everyone’s lives. I can’t wait to study something I’m passionate about and to make a difference!

Rhian, eCommerce Manager

I always loved art and fashion and grew up thinking I wanted to be a fashion designer. I did my A-levels, went on to do a foundation year in art and get a place at one of the best fashion universities in the UK. About 6 months into my degree I realised that it just wasn’t for me and I didn’t feel challenged, so I changed to a degree in Journalism. It’s the best thing I ever did and has meant I’ve gone on to have a career I absolutely love! My advice: If something doesn’t feel right then change it, it may feel scary at the time but you only live once, make sure you don’t have any regrets!

Vic, Solihull Supervisor

After Senior School I continued on to Solihull Sixth Form College to study Media Studies for 2 years, which I loved! When it was time to think about University, I had lengthy conversations with my family, friends and teachers. One day I was up for it, and deciding on whether to go to a Uni close by or to move away to another city, and the next day I couldn’t dream of leaving all my friends and family for such a long period of time! In the end I decided not to go to University and to work full-time instead. I know this was the right decision for me as I am extremely close to my family, love my job, and love fun days out with my gorgeous little niece, I couldn’t have missed out on her growing up!

Laura, Leamington Spa Key Holder

I have always been creative, as a child I loved drawing and painting and throughout school I soon realised that creativity was my strength. I started a fashion course in Coventry but it just didn’t feel right, so I was left confused at what to do next, and took a retail job while I made some decisions. It turned out that I absolutely loved working with people: I’d always thought about hairdressing and while working with the public, I realised that was the route for me. I wanted a creative job that was also a trade, and I wanted to work with people, the flair for hair had always been there. I tried to take the apprenticeship route but at the tender age of 21 my age always got in the way, so while completing my NVQ Level 2 at college in the evening and working part-time at fabulous Solihull during the day, I started to feel that things were falling into place!

I wouldn’t say my hairdressing experience has been an easy ride, but it has taught me many things that I have been able to bring to my job at fabulous, such as styling and colours and what suits what type of person. The whole process has taught me a lot about myself - no matter how difficult something may be, if you have the will and desire to complete it, you will find the strength to go out and get it!

The Path of Life reminds us that whatever decisions we make, or whatever path we choose, the most important thing is to make the right choice for yourself. Are you making a big decision? Let us know what life changing decision you made or are making regarding your education for your chance to win the Path of Life bangle.

If you know someone who has just graduated take a look at our gift guide.

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Win the Alex and Ani bangle of the month Tell us how you’re planning to change your life this year, and you could win a different bangle each month. One lucky winner will win £150 at the end of the year to create their own stack of Alex and Ani bangles, bursting with positive energy!

Just let us know how your outlook on KNOWLEDGE will change this year. One lucky winner will be picked out on August 31st to win the Path of Life Bangle
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