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Alex and Ani Bangle of the Month January

Alex and Ani Bangle of the month January competition
Each month, we will feature a different bangle with a different meaning, to inspire us all to examine different aspects of our lives – our health, our relationships, our finances, our state of mind, our environment – and see how we can change them for the better.

Tell us how you’re planning to improve your life this year, and you could win a different bangle each month – and one lucky winner will win £150 at the end of the year to create their own stack of Alex and Ani bangles, bursting with positive energy!

Alex and Ani The Compass Bangle

Jo Stroud, the difference a year can make



The compass helps guide us on our spiritual journey, it leads us on adventures and guides us home again. A great symbol for a keen traveller or for anyone who needs a bit of guidance through life’s twists and turns. Broaden your horizons, take charge of your destiny and travel through life with confidence.

Start your year of positive change...

  • Start with a list of things you are unhappy about and immediately cross off the things that you can't personally change
  • Get an A4 peace of paper and divide it into four areas like below...

  • Start with what you want to have achieved at the end of the year and then work backwards. To achieve your goal in a year's time what will you have achieved in 6 months, what will you have achieved at the end of the month - and what are the things you'll do this week to make sure you start your year of positive change!
  • Keep this list, each week add a post-it note on the week category and continue to update what you'll be doing that week. Before you know it, your year of positive change will be complete and you'll have achieved your goals!

"A lot can change in a year, when we put our minds to it. It could be a transformation in our health and fitness, or a major step forward in our careers or type of work; or a complete change in a relationship. It could be moving house, going travelling, or starting a course of study.

Personally, I changed my life completely in a year, when I set up Fabulous in 2005. I had been working as a senior consultant in a marketing agency for 7 years, with clients like Aston Martin, Hewlett Packard, B&Q - but I had started to feel like there was more I wanted to achieve in my working life. Popping into a traditional jewellery shop in the Lake District in October 2004, just before I flew off on my honeymoon, inspired me to change my career completely.

I bought a couple of necklaces, but I found the shopping experience frustrating and not particularly enjoyable. I thought it must be possible to create a jewellery store that was much more browseable, much more relaxing and engaging, much more fashion-led, stocking a mix of well-known brands alongside interesting new designers. On my return from honeymoon, I spent 5 months researching jewellery, talking to designers, coming up with a name and a ‘look’, refining my idea - before I approached the banks with my business plan. And then I resigned from the marketing agency.

Opening my first ‘Fabulous’ store a few months later, in September 2005, and launching my eCommerce website, www.fabulouscollections.co.uk, a week after that – less than 12 months after imagining the possibility - I was suddenly no longer a marketing consultant advising clients on their marketing plans – but a business owner, with rent and rates and wages to pay!

Eight years later, with 4 stores and a thriving website, working with many of the world’s most exciting designers and brands, and with a fantastic following of loyal customers, it is hard to remember those days in the marketing agency. But in just one year, I changed my working life completely – and to this day, it still doesn’t feel like work!

So, what could you achieve this year? What do you want to change? Will you look back and see 2014 as a pivotal year in changing your life for the better?"

Jo Stroud, Owner, Fabulous

Win the Alex and Ani bangle of the month Tell us how you’re planning to change your life this year, and you could win a different bangle each month. One lucky winner will win £150 at the end of the year to create their own stack of Alex and Ani bangles, bursting with positive energy!

Just let us know how you plan to take your life in a different direction this year. One lucky winner will be picked out on January 31st to win the Compass bangle. Let us know on Twitter or Facebook or send us an email to positive@fabulouscollections.co.uk #positivechange