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Alex and Ani by Meaning: How to Pick the Perfect Bangle

Alex and Ani bangles are infused with positive energy, the symbol and its meaning are the connection to your lifestyle, life events, personality, spirituality and aspirations. It's also the connection between yourself and the recipient of the gift, whether you're wishing them good luck with a clover or strength with a Path of Life, these bangles represent your hopes and dreams for yourself or your friend, family member or partner.

Choose what you wish for the recipient or yourself below, click on the image and be presented with the Alex and Ani bangles which embody that wish...

Love is all you need. Show someone how much they mean to you, or wear one of these symbols to remind yourself that you are loved every day

Browse bangles infused with Good Luck, the perfect gift for someone who is about to change direction, let one of these talismans support them on their journey

We're always going through transitions, but some are bigger than others. Whether it's a gap year, new school or business venture these bangles are the perfect way to bring positive energy to your adventure

Sometimes we don't know how strong we are until we're tested. If you need some added strength or courage to face a hard time these bangles are perfect, they'll make a great gift too, let them know you believe in them

With busy lives and frustrations along the way, patience really is a virtue. If you're struggling to find your centre these talismans may help keep you focused on the positives and have patience on your journey

Browse the Alex and Ani bangles representing loyalty. The perfect gift for your best friend, partner or family member. A loyalty symbol will remind them that you're always with them and will always support their decisions

Rebirth and Faith talismans from Alex and Ani are the perfect bangle for anyone who is starting afresh, it's an exciting time but one that needs a little faith. These bangles allow you to keep your faith and use it in your actions

Browse the selection of Alex and Ani Peace talismans. Whether you crave world peace or some peace and quiet in your life, wear your bangle to help you find your calm centre and keep a peaceful outlook