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Blossom New Collection


Here at fabulous we were lucky enough to take a look through Christina Lihn's sketchbooks that inspired her romantic collection of Blossom jewellery. This season's Blossom Jewellery collection comprises intricate and feminine Earrings, Necklaces, Pendants and Rings, we've fallen in love with them!



The Blossom collection by Christina Lihn is steeped in Romance, making this the perfect gift for a loved one this Valentine's Day.


Blossom jewellery



Blossom heart necklace

Pencil sketches outline the delicate filigree patterns inspired by lace and crochet textiles. Hearts and birds feature heavily in the collection and the intricate swirling designs are reminiscent of handwriting, referenced from vintage love letters.



Blossom pearl earrings

Classically Danish in its aesthetic, the jewellery is intricate, modern, stylish and fresh.



Blossom jewellery
Blossom jewellery


Blossom bird house necklace

Nature and natural form is a huge reference for Christina. Birds and blossoms feature heavily throughout the collection, we think the dainty bird houses are just fabulous!



Blossom birdcage necklace gold

We have always loved the original design elements that Christina considers when designing her pieces. This collection is no exception, with individual keepsake hearts hidden inside the bird boxes to complement the Blossom heart nestled on every chain.   
Blossom jewellery