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Brave Designs Turquoise

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Fiona Venter is the owner of Brave Designs. Based in Edinburgh, she travels the world to find interesting and unusual jewellery to bring back to the UK.

This collection is handmade on North American Indian reservations in Arizona and Nevada. The pieces are created in natural turquoise. Turquoise gets its colour from the heavy metals in the ground where it comes from - blue turquoise forms when copper is present (which it often is in Mexico or Arizona). The Boulder Turquoise comes from the open cut mine in the northeast Nevada and is distinguished by narrow veinlets of turquoise through the mother rock.

Turquoise selection
“It is important to buy a piece straight away, if you see one you like,” urges Fiona. “The turquoise seam in the Royston open mine that formed this beautiful boulder turquoise is running low, so finding pieces with good turquoise patterning is getting increasingly difficult.”
Brave turquoise designers

Some of the really individual turquoise pieces come from Tommy Singer, renowned both inside and outside the Navajo community for his inlay work, and stunning use of handcut turquoise. These pieces are one-offs, with no two pieces the same. Other designs are by Naomi Garcia, who creates beautiful necklaces with multiple strands of amethyst, turquoise and other stones strung elegantly together.