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ChloBo Symbols

ChloBo hamsa Hamsa Hand- An ancient Middle Eastern amulet symbolizing the Hand of God. It is a protective sign and brings happiness, luck, health and good fortune and was drawn on the doors of peoples homes to protect them from evil. Buy a Hamsa hand when you need some luck on your side, the Hamsa has become a fashionable talisman and has been seen on lots of celebrities lately. ChloBo Om The OM- Symbolising a form of meditation, the Om enables us to maintain mental and emotional calmness, overcomes obstacles and empathy. Buy an Om talisman when you’re in need of some quiet contemplation and are looking for emotional clarity.
ChloBo elephant Elephant – A symbol of wisdom, luck and loyalty. Elephants are revered for their strength, wisdom and power. Buy an elephant talisman in times of hardship as a positive reminder that you can overcome anything. ChloBo tassel Tassel – The tassel is used as a symbol of protection, the movement of the tassel is said to sweep away evil and negative thoughts. Buy the tassel charm when you need some extra protection in your life, the tassel is an iconic charm of the ChloBo range, if you see a celebrity in tasseled jewellery it’s very likely to be ChloBo.
ChloBo angel wings Angel Wing – Angels are messengers from heaven who are here to love, support, heal and guide us. The wing can also symbolise your aspiration to reach greater heights. The angel wing can make a touching ‘in memory’ gift to remind them that their loved ones are always looking over them. ChloBo dragonfly Dragonfly – The dragonfly symbolises courage, strength, and happiness. The dragonfly moves quickly and gracefully and is known for it’s beautiful colouring. Buy the dragonfly charm to bring some joie de vivre to your daily life. It’s a great present for someone special who loves nature and will be inspired by the beauty of the dragonfly.
ChloBo Evil Eye Evil Eye – The Evil Eye is a popular symbol in the Mediterranean and Middle East said to ward off evil. A fabulous gift for anyone who is a fan of the med or who needs a guardian angel. ChloBo peace Peace – Worldwide symbol of a new age global peace and earth cantered unity. The perfect present for a hippy at heart or child of the sixties, the peace symbol has become a fashionable accessory and represents a laid back state of mind.
ChloBo heart Heart – The worldwide symbol for love. Buy the heart charm for someone you love, or treat yourself to some love. Wear your heart on your sleeve with ChloBo. ChloBo cross Cross- The cross is believed to ward off evil and protect the wearer. A symbol of Christianity around the world, the cross symbolises Gods mercy and mans ability for evil.
Chai – Chai is the Hebrew word for living. The Chai talisman symbolises a balanced life and is the perfect gift for anyone who is focusing on their work/life balance. Chlobo Buddha Buddha – The Buddha symbolises good luck and positive energy. The Buddhist way of life is simple and promotes a positive outlook on life, kindness and appreciation of the simple things. Wear your Buddha to remind you to do as you would be done by and live a life of love and happiness.
Chlobo bell Bell – The bell wards off evil spirits and brings good luck to the wearer. The bell is also a symbol of your wedding day or christening and will make sure your day runs smoothly. ChloBo feather Feather- The feather is a Native American symbol for freedom, courage and new beginnings. A fashionable talisman, the feather is the perfect gift for any fashion conscience friend or for someone who needs some courage for their new venture.
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