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Christina Lihn for Blossom

James Boyd for Daisy

Christina Lihn for Blossom JewelleryWhen did you start designing jewellery and why?

I started designing jewellery in the 90´s. Together with designing our own items – we also bought both silver and gold pieces with suppliers all over the world to make our collections complete. However in 2011 I realized that what I was really missing in the trade was a collection which gave a meaning.

One day when I was sitting by my desk making a drawing of a butterfly pendant – out of the blue it just came to me – why don´t you make a collection called Blossom.

Blossom because it is a positive word, it gives me comfort and it sounds pretty, It´s easy to remember and it´s telling a story of something growing, and develop into pretty things.

My idea with Blossom is that whether you buy jewellery for a dear friend, wife, girlfriend or yourself you have the feeling of love with you all the time. The integrated heart on all my pieces is your love story, it gives you comfort when life is tough, when you think of your loved ones, and hopefully it´s telling you that someone is thinking of you.
As we say “Show your love and let it Blossom…”

Tell us about your current collection, and the inspiration behind it?Christina Lihn for Blossom Jewellery

Blossom Copenhagen is a collection with different small stories like Falling in Love, Feeling Pretty forever, and Romantic.

This season you will find a new collection called Fairytale – it is inspired by HC Andersen and Grimm – it is a very cute and feminine collection with the twist of some of my favourite fairytales.

For every season I integrate trends from the trade and fashion – like Lace pattern which is very In right now, but also leather and other materials which can bring some color into the collection.

Christina Lihn for Blossom JewelleryMy inspiration comes from everywhere – it can be a wall paper, a flower from my garden, a pattern on a teacup or a dress, but the best collections are actually when I am sitting in our house in Italy on the mountain side looking at the clear blue sky.

Who is your muse? What kind of woman wears your jewellery?

The woman who wears Blossom is a feminine woman, she loves to wear pretty things, and she appreciate that all Blossom pieces are hand made, that all drawings and models are handmade– a computer has no soul.
She appreciates that she can combine all the collections, everything can be mixed and matched and she loves romance. 

If you could have one person photographed in your jewellery who would it be?

If I was to choose one person - it would be our own Crown princess Mary.

She came to Denmark as a “normal” girl from Tasmania. She lost her mum when she was quite young, and made it through her life, falling in love with a Prince from Denmark, moved up in the world away from her family, and married into the Royal family. Today she is the mother of 4 children and works for many charities. She follows her heart…. And shows her love to everybody.

Christina Lihn for Blossom JewelleryWhat is your favourite personal piece of jewellery and why?

I love so many pieces from the collection as I design so many with my personality and preferences in mind. I love the necklaces that you can open and find birds or hearts inside, they’re romantic and original. 

What is it about jewellery that you think is fabulous?

Jewellery has been a part of a woman’s wardrobe for many many years – earlier you’d wear jewellery to show your status, then you would inherit jewellery down the generations but that made it too exclusive. Luckily today is available to every woman, you can show your personality and all jewellery has sentimental value, you remember who or when you bought it. Women today can happily buy jewellery for themself and that I think – is Fabulous. 

What is the future for your brand and where do you see it going?

Blossom Copenhagen itself is only 2 years old, and these two years has been fantastic for the brand – we have not only met the right people to take care of the brand in different countries, but also the response from the shops and customers has been amazing!

I will continue designing new pieces for Blossom – which is authentic to the brand - but also keep on matching the needs and trends to keep the collections growing. 

For the rest of your life you can only wear one type of jewellery; necklaces, bracelets, rings or earrings – which would you choose and why?

It would surely be a ring – my wedding band!

My husband, children and family are the dearest to me – and without them there would be no Blossom Copenhagen or me,as I am today! 

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Mads Ziegler interview - quick fire round!

 Who is your favourite designer? No favorite designer – but I love Italian design

Who is your favourite artist? Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni

What is your favourite cocktail? Singapore Sling

What is your most extravagant purchase? When my grandmother passed away suddenly I bought an expensive diamond ring as we didn’t have a chance to say goodbye

If you could time travel where would you go? Our house in Umbria, Italy

Gold or silver? I can’t choose, they’re both great for different occasions

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or Pinterest? Facebook

Best restaurant… Local Osteria close to our house in Umbria, Italy

Best holiday destination… Holidays where I can spend time with my husband and children in our mountain house in Umbria, Italy – it’s heaven

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