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Engelsrufer Pendant Meanings


Represents our loved ones, whether that is your partner, family member or friend or to represent a loved one you have lost. Your wing pendant represents love, where yours on your chain close to your heart - after all, what is an angel without it's wings.


The Engelsrufer Hamsa pendant symbolises protection. With an intricate angel wing design, the hand of Fatima protects the wearer from evil spirits and bad luck, with the angel wings representing the ones you love.


The feather is a reminder that your Guardian Angels are near, when you see a feather you can feel safe in the knowledge that someone is looking over you.


Add your dream catcher to your Engelsrufer necklace, bad dreams are captured in the web and perish in the light of the morning sun, good dreams filter through the centre to start your day with a smile.


We love this incredibly tactile pendant from the Engelsrufer collection. The swaying movement distracts bad luck and evil spirits, worn as a symbol of protection.


The flower of life is a symbol of energy, inspired by the power of nature it brings vitality and inspiration to the wearer.

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