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Nikki Lissoni Holiday Wardrobe

We love packing for our Summer holidays, but when space and weight are limited, then so is our jewellery collection! That's why we've put together the Holiday Capsule Wardrobe for Nikki Lissoni. By adding just a few new elements to your Nikki Lissoni set you can get several new looks, with hardly any extra space taken up in your luggage!

Get the look... Nikki Lissoni Gold 90cm Chain, £50. Gold Medium Carrier, £45. Turquoise Stones Coin, £90. Strong as an Elephant Coin, £28. Small Gold Carrier, £40. Magic Triangle Gold Coin, £26.


If you already have a Nikki Lissoni necklace, a great way to freshen up your holiday wardrobe is to invest in a Nikki Lissoni bracelet. You can add your coins and carrier to the bracelet, or wear it on its own, it's a great way to add a pop of colour to your holiday wardrobe!

Get the look... Nikki Lissoni 45cm Gold Chain, £35. Small Gold Carrier, £40. Magic Triangle Coin, £26. Coral Wrap Bracelet, £80.