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Nikki Lissoni Necklaces SALE

Shop our fabulous 70% off Nikki Lissoni sale! Choose from our selection of Gold, Silver and Rose Gold necklaces to start you own interchangeable necklace collection. Next choose your carrier size and then start your collection of interchangeable Nikki Lissoni coins. Our Nikki Lissoni necklaces come in three lengths, 45cm (which is a short necklace) 60cm (which sits generally at the top of your bust) and 90cm (which will hang underneath your bust). The Nikki Lissoni chains come in a classic chunky Belcher available in Gold, Rose Gold and Silver as well as a delicate Fancy Bead chain in the same lengths - there's a Nikki Lissoni chain for every taste and style which is why we think Nikki Lissoni necklaces are fabulous!

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