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The Giving Keys Pay It Forward

The Giving Keys concept is all about paying it forward. When we met The Giving Keys team at Pure we fell in love with this feel good company, and their inspirational story. Giving your key to someone else could unlock their potential or give them the strength to accompany them on a tough transition.  PAY IT FORWARD

Buy your giving key necklace with the word which resonates with you the most, which could be BELIEVE, CREATE, DREAM, FAITH, FEARLESS, GRATEFUL, HOPE, INSPIRE or LOVE. Wear your necklace and when you encounter someone who you feel needs the message on the key, pass it on to them, then send your story to givingkeys.com to continue the story…

Here are some of our favourite stories, head over to their website to read all of the inspiring stories.

Strength In A Race

I started a journey to lose weight and adopt a healthy lifestyle in May of 2013. In December 2013, after losing about 40 lbs, I joined a gym and decided to hold myself accountable by posting my progress on Facebook.

One year later and I've lost a total of 109 lbs, dropped from a size 24 to a size 10/12 and I completed a mud obstacle course challenge in October 2014. I was blessed to have such encouraging friends and family to keep me going.

One of my friends was an acquaintance from High School who was always very athletic and thin - someone who honestly intimidated me (since I was so unfit and lacked self esteem). Well, she became one of my biggest cheerleaders and encouragers. She also was on a journey to complete the Reebok Spartan Ultrabeast race. When I started my journey, she had tried one race and was 'taken out' early in the race, the second attempt, she got much further into the race but also was 'taken out'.

Many would quit, but not my friend...she is already training for this year's Ultrabeast in Vermont in the fall. She posted on Facebook that all she wanted for Christmas was to complete the Ultrabeast this year. I knew at that moment, she was deserving of my key with the word STRENGTH inscribed on it.

I Looked Down And Held My Key

This past summer I had just turned 18 and I was going to visit my best friend in Germany, alone. I was nervous because I have never been out of the country before, I can't speak German, and I had to take connecting trains from the airport to my friend's hometown.

My Aunt Jennifer surprised me on my birthday with a giving key. It had the word FEARLESS engraved in it. She told me the background story about the company and I thought it was really cool! So there I was about to take off on my way to Germany and I became very nervous. I looked down and held my key and reminded myself to be FEARLESS. I continued to occasionally hold my necklace when we would hit turbulence over the Atlantic.

The key has taught me to be FEARLESS as I have started college, given numerous presentations in front of the class, and to be FEARLESS in life. I kept my eye out for someone to give it to, but I never felt the need to until one day at my Nana's.

We were having Thanksgiving at my Nana's house when really bad weather hit. They shoved me along with the kids in the hallway and told us to stay there. There was a tornado warning. My sister, Mackenzie, has always been afraid of storms, but she was absolutely terrified this time. As I sat next to her and tried to calm her down, I realized she needed the key more than me. So this Christmas that is my gift for her, along with a note of my story and why I think it will help her. She will open it tomorrow morning and I'm very excited to see her reaction because she knows how much this key means to me.

Not Once Has She Complained

I received my key that had "Courage" on it from a group I belong to called MOPS--Mothers of Pre Schoolers. I decided to give my key to my husband's cousin, Heidi, who is a young mother of two and currently fighting stage four colon cancer. She is a beautiful woman inside and out. Not once has she complained or asked "why me?” She fights the fight for her beautiful children and is one of the most courageous people I know so I think the key truly belongs to her. 

Read other stories of paying it forward at TheGivingKeys.com and be sure to submit your story when you've passed your key on...

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