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fabulous forever

Fabulous Forever, bespoke wedding and engagement rings

Introducing the fabulous forever range from fabulous collections, our bespoke collection of wedding and engagement rings. You can choose our designs or incorporate elements of any of the rings you see, as well as provide your own personal design elements, with fabulous it is a fully bespoke service.

Our rings all have meanings and can be matched with other items from the range and we also have his and her matching wedding rings, depicting infamous literary love stories, many of our wedding rings allow space for personal engraving.

Love at First Sight - designer wedding and engagement rings

Love at First Sight

Remember when you saw her for the first time? That instant attraction that immediate spark. She felt the same way - a spark that turned into a flame. Soon you were both smitten.

We've designed a collection of rings that capture those precious moments, rings so lovely, so perfect, you'll love them at first sight.

Love Blossoms, designer wedding and engagement rings
Love Blossoms

Just as flowers grow from delicate buds to gorgeous full blooms, continuing to bloom year after year, so your love grows, blossoms and renews itself over your lifetime.

Pick a romantic and passionate Rose, or a delicate and innocent Daisy, to celebrate your love, complemented with a matching wedding band. Choose flowers that last a lifetime, on rings that will last your lifetime together.

Sea of love, designer wedding and engagement rings
Sea of Love

Inspired by the movement of water, these contemporary designs curve and flow around the finger, to be worn effortlessly, giving an elegant look.

The beautifully-shaped designs sit together flawlessly, while the complementary 'this and her' rings express your togetherness.

Love Story, designer wedding and engagement rings
Love Story

Inspired by the most moving and memorable stories of marital love in literature, this collections speaks directly to the romantic in all of us: from Jane Eyre who marreied her blind Mr Rochester; to Penelope, who waited 30 years for the return of her adored husband, Odysseus; to Elizabeth Bennett realising how much she loves the impossible Darcy.

Celebrate your love story, with the 'Love Story' collection. Rings that allow you to capture those special words or dates that mean the world to you.

Tough Love, designer wedding and engagement rings
Tough Love

She loves the rebellious streak in you, and the flamboyant side of you that dreams of ebing a rock star. Sometimes, she wants you to be her warrior, supoprting her as she fights her battles; sometimes, the prince to her princess, treating and indluging her. Always, you are her hero.

The 'Tough Love' ring collection from fabulous allows you to express every part of who you are.