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What's your wardrobe personality?

"I tend to dress in a classic way. Black, taupe, cream, neutral tones, in well-cut, well-made pieces that last many seasons. I often mix vintage pieces like my grandmother's pearls wth modern classics."

"My friends would definitely describe me as a romantic, not just in how I dress, but in life! I'm a real girly girl and all my jewellery has real sentimental value."

"I guess you'd call me a natural dresser. You'll usually find me in faded jeans, boots and a leather jacket, or in my running gear. I like jewlelery that's easy to wear and that I don't need to worry about. A friend bought me a Daisy karma bracelet, and I never take it off."

"I would call myself 'dramatic' in my style of dress. I love bright colours and bold designs and I tend to wear at least one statement piece as an eye catching accessory. I like to be individual in my look and choose quirky and original designers."