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How to wear ChloBo

ChloBo bracelets have taken the jewellery world by storm and are being spotted on the wrists of the rich and famous (and our fabulous team!). It's a firm favourite here at fabulous and a very versatile collection of jewellery. Sinade and Rhian are huge fans of the collection, this is how they wear theirs on a ladies lunch.
How to wear ChloBo, Sinade iconics

ChloBo is designed and made to stack. If you like collecting jewellery, but charm collections like Pandora aren't your style - then ChloBo is for you.

Chloe Moss designs highly wearable and fashionable jewellery. Each charm has a meaning and while there are seasonal collections, the iconics range in Silver (pictured) is added to every season, so it never goes out of style.

Sinade loves the iconics range and has built up quite a collection from her time at fabulous! It's a great everday piece of jewellery, the silver is subtle and the designs are undertstated - yet, it's made in Sterling Silver, so it's a quality collection that will make you feel equally special on a big occasion.

Sinade's advice...

"There's no such thing as too much ChloBo - pile them high!"

How to wear ChloBo with Rhian

The seasonal collections from ChloBo feature semi precious stones and are designed by Chloe Moss with a specific destination in mind.

The collection Rhian is wearing is called Cloud9 and was designed while Chloe was in Lake Como being a bridesmaid for her best friend Martine McCutcheon. Chloe was so happy for the newlyweds that she named this collection after her memories of the holiday - they were all on Cloud9!

This summery collection features semi-precious stones; Bamboo Coral, Labradorite and Tigers Eye as well as beautiful 24ct Gold and Silver. These seasonal collections can be worn with the iconic range and can be teamed with additional items from the collection like rosaries and earrings.

Rhian's advice...

"Add stone bracelets from the most recent collection to  freshen up your ChloBo stack it'll transform it every season!"

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