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Clips and Spacers from Pandora

Pandora at fabulous!

Add some variety to your Pandora charm bracelet with the range of clips and spacers, in Sterling Silver and 14ct Gold. The clips function as stoppers, fastening over the small screw sections of the Pandora bracelet to secure your beads in place.

Divide your bracelet into sections and prevent your charms from sliding around with clips, which open and close like the trademark Pandora bracelet clasp.

Use two of the same bead for a balanced, symmetrical look, or mix and match to create an eclectic combination of patterns and styles.

Keep it simple with plain Sterling Silver clips, or brighten things up with coloured CZ, Enamel or Gemstones. Add a little luxury with 14ct Gold detailing and Gemstones, or for a truly glamorous look, go for the 14ct Gold clips, plain or studded with Diamond or Gemstones.

To add some definition and depth to your collection, add some spacers, available in Sterling Silver and 14ct Gold, with a variety of Gemstones.

These thin beads can be added either side of particular beads you want to emphasise, to fill in small gaps or simply to vary the shapes and sizes on your Pandora bracelet.

Pandora Beads

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