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Hamsa Hand Jewellery

The Daily Mail recently spotted celebrity A-listers Jennifer Anniston, Heidi Klum and Madonna sporting the latest jewellery accessory – the Hamsa Hand. Head over to our website to read about the charm – see Hamsa jewellery and find out why these A-listers are looking for some spiritual protection…

Hamsa hand trend - celebrity
The right palm is an image recognised throughout the Middle East and North Africa as a symbol of protection. Often depicted alongside the evil eye, it is believed that the Hamsa hand provides protection against evil spirits.

The symbol predates Christianity and Islam and carries different religious meanings as well as varying cultural references. In the Islamic faith it is known as the hand of Fatima, after Muhammad's daughter Fatima Zahra, Levantine Christians call it the hand of Mary, for the Virgin Mary and Jews refer to it as the hand of Miriam after Miriam, sister of Moses and Aaron.

Hamsa hand inspiration
Hamsa means 5 – referring to the 5 fingers of the hand. An open Hamsa hand is said to ward off evil spirits, where a Hamsa hand with closed palm brings good luck. The symbol is commonly worn on jewellery, but is also drawn on doors or walls to protect the house and it’s inhabitants. It is said to protect women from the evil eye, boost fertility, promote healthy pregnancies and strengthen the weak.

Looking for good health, fortune, happiness and luck then take a look at our Hamsa jewellery from boho favourite ChloBo and fashion led Thomas Sabo.

ChloBo hamsa

ChloBo Hamsa jewellery, featuring Bamboo coral, Sterling Silver, Pyrite, Jade and Gold, starting from £95
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