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How Trollbeads Work

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1. Choose a Bracelet or Necklace The Trollbeads Chains

The first step towards creating your Trollbeads charm jewellery is to choose your bracelet or necklace.

Trollbeads bracelets and necklaces come in Sterling Silver, 14ct Gold or Leather.

The Sterling Silver and Gold chains are 'foxtail' link chains which are designed for elegance and strength. The uniquely smooth surface of the 'foxtail' enables the beads to flow around the chain. Leather bracelets are long, allowing you to wrap them around your wrists more than once.

What Size?

Each bracelet and necklace comes in a range of sizes. The bracelets and necklaces are sold separately to the locks. So allow 2cm extra for a normal lock or 3cm extra for a large lock when choosing the right length.

We recommend choosing a length that, with the lock, is loose enough on your wrist to comfortably slide two or three fingers under the chain. The slack will be taken up as you add beads to your jewellery.














2. Choose a Lock

Trollbeads LocksThe second step towards creating your Trollbeads charm jewellery is to choose your lock.

A range of beautiful locks are available for you to choose from. They are available in Sterling Silver or 18ct Gold to match your bracelet or necklace. For that extra special touch you can even choose a pearl-studded lock!

Most of the locks are 2cm in length, but the Big Fish lock and the Big Flower lock are 3cm.

The locks are really easy to fasten onto the chains and to remove when you want to add beads.

3. Choose your Extras and start choosing your Beads!


Trollbeads Stoppers

Stop and make a pause in your life or stop the beads rolling back and forth on your bracelet! We currently stock the Sterling Silver stopper and the 18ct Gold stopper. Each has a special rubber core, which is easy to thread onto a bracelet or necklace but stays where it's put!

Safety Chains

Trollbeads Safety Chains

To keep your Trollbeads even more safe, you might want to buy a safety chain. This will help prevent your lock opening if dropped, since Trollbeads charms are worth protecting! We stock both the Sterling Silver safety chain and the 14ct Gold safety chain.

Bead Kits

Trollbeads Kits

Bead Kits are a great way to get started telling your Trollbeads story. Most kits provide you with six Glass beads in a variety of themed patterns and colours. Or you can buy a kit of twelve gorgeous Amber beads, all totally unique. These kits also make fantastic gifts.