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Pandora Bracelets and Necklaces

Pandora at fabulous!

The Pandora charm bracelet is a completely unique, customisable piece of designer jewellery that will grow with you. Romantic links, symbolic links, fun links, precious links - you decide. With links starting at £30, and the base bracelet £60 (a solid Silver snake chain with Pandora clasp), you can build it up as quickly or as slowly as you like!


How the Bracelets Work


Pandora bracelets are available in high polished and oxidised Silver, 14ct Gold and even Silver and Gold combinations! But rest assured, whichever variation you choose will echo Pandora's classic and unique style.


All designs of bracelet range from 16cm – 23cm in length. Your bracelet should not be too tight as you need room for all your charms! The general rule is that you need to be able to put your finger between your wrist and the empty bracelet.

The Clasp

The Pandora clasp works with a hinge to create a secure fastening that is easy to use. The decorative features of the clasp ensures that it is in keeping with the designs of all your favourite beads.

Securing the Beads

The Pandora bracelet has a threaded end; this allows all Pandora beads to be screwed onto the bracelet. This works as extra security, as the beads need to be twisted off.

Sections and Clips

The bracelet is divided into three sections, separated by two fixed pieces of threaded silver. At these two points Pandora clips can be attached. The clips remain fixed. This method allows you to fill your bracelet, with the beads evenly distributed.

The design of the clips remains fluid with Pandora's charm collection, ensuring both form and function are of the highest standard. You can browse through Silver clips with details in 14ct Gold and semi-precious Stones, or 14ct Gold clips detailed with precious stones.

Why not pop in to one of our stores and try on the bracelets in stock to get the best fit!


Create a customised piece of designer jewellery that is truly unique with Pandora.

Start with any of the bases and then add a selection of charms and beads to build your collection, combining Sterling Silver Charms, 14ct Gold and a variety of Gemstones and colours.

The traditional Pandora bracelet is a solid Sterling Silver snake chain, with the patented Pandora clasp to keep your charms secure. Seven sizes are available, from 16 to 23cm, to ensure that your bracelet is perfect for you. Choose from a plain Sterling Silver bracelet, a Sterling Silver bracelet with a 14ct Gold clasp or an all 14ct Gold bracelet.

For a different way to wear your charms, there are six coloured Leather cords, available in black, brown, green, pink, red and turquoise, which extend from 42-45cm (16-18”). Add coloured beads for a bright and bold look, or keep things simple with Sterling Silver Charms and spacers. The leather cord gives a casual, informal feel that really emphasises the charms.

For a more formal look, you could go for the Sterling Silver or 14ct Gold necklaces, made up of a solid snake chain with the trademark Pandora clasp, available in 40, 42, 45 and 50cm length.

Charm Bracelets for all Occasions

Make every moment unforgettable with a Pandora charm bracelet. Celebrate important events, milestones and special occasions in your life by adding another bead to your designer jewellery collection – or simply treat yourself with one, “just because”!






Pandora charms are available in Sterling Silver and 14ct Gold, with a variety of Gemstones and colours, as well as beautiful Murano Glass beads. Choose a novelty or symbolic bead, or add your own meaning to a patterned or coloured charm. Add colour with bright Murano Glass beads, sparkle with CZ and a variety of Gemstones or play with a more traditional look by adding dangling charms.

Choose a plain Sterling Silver bracelet, with the trademark Pandora clasp, a Sterling Silver bracelet with 14ct Gold clasp or a luxurious 14ct Gold bracelet, and build your collection from there.

This modern take on the charm bracelet is made up of beads which are threaded on to a bracelet, making it much more wearable than traditional jewellery charms. Add some variety to your bracelet by adding spacers, thin beads to add definition and fill in small gaps, or clasps to keep your beads in place. You can also add charms to Pandora necklaces and leather cords.


Pandora Beads

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