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How did I become a Privilege Member?

If you spend over £300 at fabulous, over any time period, you automatically become a Privilege Club member!

If you've just joined, you'll soon be receiving your fabulous pink Privilege Club card! This enables you to use your quarterly vouchers.

If you shop instore, make sure you continue to give us your name on the mailing list when you make a purchase, so that we can keep track of your purchases - we send out quarterly vouchers to you based on how much you've spent instore.

If you shop online, make sure you continue to use the same email address each time you buy, so that we can keep track of your purchases - we send out quarterly vouchers to you based on how much you've spent online.

What is the Privilege Club?

The fabulous Privilege Club is all about rewarding our loyal customers and making them feel privileged. We want all of our customers to enjoy shopping at fabulous and being a Privilege Club member will make you a very happy shopper!

You'll be rewarded in a variety of ways - from fabulous vouchers to extra discounts in sales to special offers from other companies who we think are just fabulous!

What Benefits do I get?

As a Privilege Club member, you get lots of fabulous benefits. This includes earlybird booking rates for our events, and special Preview events for our Sales.


If you have any questions or feedback, just email us, give us a call on 0845 4509334, or pop in and see us. We are constantly improving and growing our Privilege Club, so if you have any ideas about what you'd like to see happen as a member, do get in touch!

Terms and Conditions

1. Becoming a Member

Once you have spent £300* with us, either in-store or online, you become eligible to join the Privilege Club. We will automatically enrol you if you are an online customer. If you are a customer in our shop, you must be on our Mailing List in order to qualify as a Privilege Customer.

Privilege Club members in our stores are sent a pink 'Privilege Club' card to identify them as a privileged customer, containing their name and membership number; web customers are emailed details of their membership number.

*Spend must be recorded against your name on our in-store till or on our website. In-store, only customers who have joined our mailing list have their spend recorded against their name. Please see terms & conditions below for more details. On our website, only orders placed by you, using your own personal details, count as recorded spend against your name. Purchases made by other people, as a gift for you or on your behalf, are not counted towards your personal recorded spend. You must place each order from the same email address in order for us to register it against your record.

2. Benefits of Membership

Members are rewarded with vouchers sent out every quarter, based on their spend in the previous quarter, as well as special offers, early-bird booking for events and extra discounts during special promotions.

3. Quarterly Privilege Vouchers

Quarterly Privilege Vouchers are sent out at the end of each quarter, vouchers relating to purchases during Quarter One (Jan, Feb and March) are sent out in early April; and so on throughout the year.

If you are already a privilege customer you only need to spend £5 in any given quarter to receive a voucher! The amount that a Privilege member is sent is based on the following recorded spend levels during that quarter:

What you've spent this quarter You'll recieve...

From £5 to £100

a £5 voucher

£101 to £200

a £10 voucher

£201 to £300

a £15 voucher

£301 to £400

a £20 voucher

£401 to £500

a £25 voucher

£501 to £800 

a £30 voucher

£800 to £900

a £35 voucher

£901 or over

a £40 voucher

    Conditions apply to the Privilege Vouchers, including a minimum spend level in order to redeem the voucher, which is explained clearly on each voucher.
    4. Terms and Conditions

Fabulous reserves the right to amend, alter or suspend the Privilege Club at any time, without notice.

Customers shopping in-store are only eligible to join the Privilege Club if they sign up to our Mailing List. Only purchases made after a customer has joined the Mailing List will count towards Privilege membership or future vouchers. If you are not on our mailing list, any purchases you make will not count as recorded spend, and therefore cannot be taken into account.

Joining the Fabulous mailing list enables Fabulous to keep in touch with customers with regular mailings, including, but not limited to, postcards and catalogues. It also enables us to track purchases made by each customer, as we will ask you for your name when you make a purchase. This information is used to determine what level of reward vouchers you are eligible for, as well as helping us to analyse which designers you are interested in. It will not be passed on to any third parties.

In order for any purchase to count towards becoming a member of the Privilege Club, or in order for any purchase to count towards Privilege Vouchers, it must be recorded against your name on our in-store EPOS system or against your name on our website.

Fabulous will do everything possible to ensure the accuracy of information held regarding the Privilege Club, including all purchases made. However, we cannot take responsibility for software, hardware or other system errors. If you feel that your purchases have been calculated incorrectly, please bring it to our attention on 01926 430934 as quickly as possible, and we will look into it for you.

Fabulous reserves the right to refuse permission for individuals to become members of the Privilege Club, even if recorded spend levels exceed £300.