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1. Why am I a member of the club?
You’ve become a Privilege Club Member because you have spent over £300 at fabulous. You may have spent this in our stores, or online. At some point, when making a purchase at fabulous, you will have joined our mailing list – in store we ask you at the till when you are making a purchase; online shoppers automatically get added to it. Ever since you joined our mailing list, we’ve been creating a record of all your purchases, and now that you are over £300, you are a member!

2. What’s my pink card for?
In store Members
 – your card is to show that you are a member of the club. Please show us your card whenever you make a purchase at fabulous to ensure we add your purchase to your record. Everytime you spend, we record this to ensure you receive a voucher next quarter. For example, if you spend £120, and we don’t add this to your record – you miss out on a £10 voucher!
Online Members – Your pink privilege card is very important! It contains your unique Privilege Code, which will enable to use your quarterly voucher online. Everytime you receive a voucher from us, you need to look at the code on your card, and enter this at the checkout when making a purchase. We update this code each time we send you a voucher, to ensure the right amount of money is discounted from your order. 

3. What is the difference between an online and in-store member?
In store members join the club through spending £300 in our stores, whereas online members will have spent this amount via our website. If you are an in store member, you can only use your vouchers in store, and for online members, your vouchers are only valid only.

4. Are there any other ways of becoming a member, other than spending £300?
No. We set this limit as we want to reward our loyal customers.

5. How do you know that I have spent £300 at fabulous?
In store Members -
Once you have joined our mailing list, we record every purchase you make. This is why a member of staff will always ask you at the till point if you are on our mailing list. When you say yes, and we ask for your surname, this is how we log that purchase. Over time, these purchases add up, and once you reach £300, you will join our club and will be notified in the next mailing. 
Online Members - the first time you place an order on our website you automatically become added to our mailing list. Every order you place from then onwards will be recorded.

6. I shop at fabulous online and in store. Will some of my purchases not count?
All of your purchases count towards your Privilege Club vouchers. If you shop both on line and instore, we'll take a look at your record before we sign you up to be a member, to see which way you shop the most. If it is equal, we'll be in touch and ask if you would prefer to be a member in store and online.


1. What is a quarterly voucher?
Your quarterly voucher is the main feature of our privilege club. After becoming a member of the club, you will receive a voucher every 3 months (quarterly). This voucher is based on the amount you have spent at fabulous in the previous 3 months. For example, if you join the club in January, your next voucher will be sent to you in the first 2 weeks of April. The amount of voucher you receive will be based on what you have spent at fabulous between January 1st and March 31st.  We calculate your spend every 3 months, and send you a voucher based on this.

2. What if I don't make a purchase in these 3 months?
You will not receive a voucher. However, you only have to spend £20 to receive a £5 voucher the following quarter.

3. How do I receive my voucher?
In-store Members
- if you shop in our stores, then your voucher will be sent to you through the post. 
Online Members - if you shop online, you will receive your voucher via e-mail.

4. When do I receive my voucher?
You will receive your voucher at the beginning of each season - January, April, July and October.

5. What shall I do if I haven't received a voucher this quarter?
If you haven't received a voucher, but have spent £20 or more at fabulous, then get in touch. E-mail us at privilege@fabulouscollections.co.uk, informing us of your name and address.

6. I've lost my voucher. What shall I do?
Online Members - Send an e-mail to privilege@fabulouscollections.co.uk and we will be able to issue you with a new voucher. 
In Store Members - you need the voucher we sent to you to redeem your voucher in store. If you have lost this please contact us at privilege@fabulouscollections.co.uk

7. I would like to use my voucher. How can I do this?
In store Members - Please bring in the voucher we sent to you in the post. At the till point, ensure you that you present this voucher to a member of staff. 
Online Members - your voucher must be used online, in one transaction. To find out more about using your voucher, click here >

8. My voucher is valid online, but I'm thinking of spending it in one of your shops. Can I do this?
Unfortunately we are unable to accept online Privilege Club vouchers in store.

9. How did fabulous decide what amount of voucher I would receive?
We use our reporting system to see how much you have spent with us in the previous 3 months before your voucher arrived. We have certain levels which ensure you receive a voucher, for example, if you have spent between £100 - £200, you receive a £10 voucher. To find out more about which voucher amount you will receive click here>

10. I think I should have received a different voucher amount. What shall I do?
Get in touch. We'll be more than happy to check your level of spend for you in case we have got it wrong. Send an e-mail to privilege@fabulouscollections.co.uk and stating your name and address and we'll get back to you asap!

11. What happens is someone else has purchased a gift for me?
In store Members
 - if someone buys a gift for you, it is entirely up to them if they want to add it to your Privilege record or not. They may have their own record, and be building towards becoming a member, or their next voucher. If so, this purchases doe not count towards your spend.
Online Members - the same applies for online customers. However, if they do wish to add this to your account, they will need to place an order using your name, address and e-mail address.

12. What if my partner wants to buy something for me? Will it still count towards my spend for my vouchers?
Make sure he knows you are part of the club! When he is asked in store if he is on the mailing list, he needs to let us know that you are, and we'll take your details and ensure this is added towards your next voucher. 
Online Members - your partner will have to place an order online using your name, e-mail address and address. As long you don't sneak a peek at the confirmation e-mail we send, or ask him to delete this for you, the purchase will be added on to your record, and count towards your next voucher. 

Ordering over the phone - make sure your partner knows your a member and tell him to mention this to us. That way we can make sure you get rewarded for this purchases, whether you are an online or in store member.