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Ring Sizes

How to choose the right ring size

UK rings are sized alphabetically. A woman with a very slim 'ring' finger might be H, I or J; a medium-sized finger would be K, L or M; and a larger finger would be N, O or P.  If you are buying a dress ring, many women will wear that on their middle finger, which will usually be a good two sizes larger than their ring finger. 

Men's rings are sized in the same way, but typically start further down the alphabet, with a slim finger being an S or T; a medium size being U or V; and  a large size being W to Z. If a man has particularly large fingers, or wants to wear a ring on his thumb, sizes Z +1, +2, +3 are also available, but as these are 'non-standard' sizes, not all rings will be available in these sizes, so it is important to check first. 

Many rings can be resized to fit, with a change of up to 3 sizes being possible, either larger or smaller. However, some dress rings or ornately-decorated rings will not be possible to resize, and some metals - such as titanium - cannot easily be resized, so it is important to get the size right if you can.

US and European Ring Sizes
Some of our designers work in US or European sizes, so we will match the nearest UK equivalent. These are less precise than UK sizes, so there is not an exact match for every UK size. e.g. SWATCH and Calvin Klein rings are sized in US sizes; Thomas Sabo and Fiorelli are in European sizes; while designers such as Lola Rose and Spinning Jewelry simply go with 'small', 'medium' and 'large'etc.

US size conversions
5 = UK size J
6 = UK size L
7 = UK size N and 1/2
8 = UK size P and 1/2
9 = UK size R and 1/2

European size conversions
50 = UK size J and 1/2
52 = UK size L and 1/2
54 = UK size N
56 = UK size O and 1/2
58 =Uk size Q

If you have any questions or would like some advice, give our personal shopping team a call on 0845 450 9334 and we can help you choose something fabulous!