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Anchor Jewellery Angel Wing Jewellery Four Leaf Clover Jewellery
Anchor jewellery, symbolising stability in a tough time Angel Wing jewellery, a reminder of a loved one and reassurance Four Leaf Clover jewellery, the traditional Irish talisman for good luck
Compass Jewellery Cross Jewellery Elephant Jewellery
Compass jewellery, the perfect present for a traveller helping them on epic adventures and returning them safely home Cross jewellery, the worldwide symbol of faith, whether that's in a religion or in yourself, have faith! Elephant Jewellery, the wise, loyal and committed Elephant is the perfect symbol of integrity
Evil Eye Jewellery Feather Jewellery Hand of Fatima Jewellery
Evil Eye Jewellery, seen around the Middle East and Southern Europe as a vibrant symbol of protection, evoking sunny days and good times  Feather Jewellery, if they're taking flight wish them the bravery to embrace their freedom! One of our most popular symbols in jewellery Hand of Fatima or Hamsa Jewellery, seen around the world, the Hand of Fatima promotes good luck and protection and is a symbol of fertility
Heart Jewellery Horseshoe Jewellery Peace Symbol Jewellery
Heart Jewellery, the iconic symbol of love recognised around the world, let them know you love them!   Horseshoe Jewellery, the talisman of good luck and a traditional wedding gift bestowing good fortune on the couple! Peace Jewellery, originating in 60s culture and adopted as the ban the bomb symbol - bring peace and harmony to their life